Essential Beliefs

I believe all students can learn at their own rate and at their own pace. The school library classroom is a unique setting because it allows students to learn in a way that best fits their abilities. Learning pace is a key factor in library instruction because the school library teacher can adjust lessons and instruction to best meet the needs of the individual student. I have learned through multiple observations that different groups of students can act and learn in very different ways during library lessons. Some students need more time to master material while others need the challenge of moving ahead.

Teaching second grade lesson.

Teaching second grade lesson.

I believe the school library classroom is an essential space for accommodating multiple intelligences and learning styles. I acknowledge that students learn in different ways and that instruction should reflect those differences. It’s important that the school library classroom be a place where students’ learning styles are complemented rather than confined. Personally, I am a linguistic and interpersonal learner; I need to speak and work with others to truly synthesize information. However, other learners need to move around, sing, touch, manipulate, or reflect quietly to themselves. The goal of a great librarian is to create and foster an environment that meets the needs of all.

Teaching High School NoodeTool Notecard  Lesson

Teaching ninth grade lesson.

  I believe the school library can be an instrument for understanding and embracing cultural values of a community. The school library needs to accurately portray the culture and environment of the school community. The demographic structure of our country is ever shifting. Multicultural materials and resources need to be available to students, and we need to work hard to prepare students for the diverse and changing nature of our country and world. Students should use the library to learn about their own unique culture or the culture and customs of their classmates. The global classroom is not something we can turn our backs on. We have to embrace the world and show our students how to do the same in the school library.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 12.58.26 AM

Multicultural library display I created for a high school library.

  I believe the love of reading ignites the love of learning. I believe if you can put the right book in the students’ hands at the right time, you can start him or her on a journey that knows no boundaries. Great fiction opens the mind to the power of story and great non-fiction works as a personal tutor to the ways of our world. We are in a golden age of children’s writing and literature. Never before have so many quality books been available for children at every reading level. My job is to find the book that leads to more.

Teaching Elementary Student Library Lesson

Teaching elementary ELL student library lesson.

  I believe the school library is the one place where students have the freedom to choose their challenges and explore their interests. Growing up, the library was a place where I learned about myself and the world. I hope to facilitate the same atmosphere: a safe place where students can learn, talk, and discover who they are without the constraints of a traditional classroom setting. The library should fully support classroom learning and curriculum, but it can also be a place for students to truly personalize and enhance their own education.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.11.29 PM

Library guide book I created to help students find books in the library.


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